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Impact load to boat landing

Discussions will be stopped and claims avoided. Installing MIR Maritime it will be evidenced, at which impact forced the vessel has docked at the boat landing.

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Sea condition acceleration

Ship owner’s and windpark operator’s QSH-Managers will receive regular reports showing the average accelerations the technicians have suffered in seaways.

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At final destination the valuable goods are damaged and no one admits any mistake. Having MIR Maritime sensor attached to the cargo, the case will be clarified easy and fast.

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MIR Maritime

Motion Sensor in Marine Applications

Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) should be of minimum displacement in order to reduce the impact forces at the boat landings. On the other side they should be big, stable and rigid enough to offer a comfortable ride in heavy weathers. This dilemma leads to multiple design approaches, where operational performance can hardly be assessed, evaluated and compared.
In order to assist the industry Motion Impact Recorder MIR Maritime has been developed by the German companies J & C Bachmann GmbH, located in Bad Wildbad, together with SCHRAMM group of Brunsbüttel and SupMar in Hamburg. Together they have developed a new product designed to measure, record and document impacts and accelerations applied in shipping. Consisting of hardware, software and services impacts and accelerations 

  • to ships and their passengers,
  • to cargo during handling and transport and
  • to the port facilities and offshore structures

will be measured and processed.



Evaluating CTVs

MIR Maritime measures the performance of CTVs.

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Data Acquisition in Marine Applications

MIR Maritime is a newly established partnership between J & C Bachmann GmbH, located in Bad Wildbad, and SCHRAMM group in Brunsbüttel. They have ­jointly developed the new ­product MIR - Motion Impact ­Recorder.